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Se'lah SAID SO

Oh Ok you See me NOW??? 

Ego can be a bitch..and who knows, maybe ego got me writing this! But this is how I express things I feel would be too draining to actually express with my lips..sometimes you have to choose your battles and move in the knowledge that others think you could never conceive...ONE LOVE:

So what now I’m worth your attention? Now I’m worth your honourable mention? Now I’m worth the stopping with the critical questions. Now I’m worth the acceptance? HA!
An Empress really sees how you’re moving; how you false…Read more

More Than a Day.... 

 Today is a reminder that we shouldn’t need a specific reminder for our glory.
We are the story, and respect, love and honour is a continued daily.
SO woman promise yourself this:
To lift yourself up in the highest regard and never forget or resist the power of your greatness. Never diminish your shine, never give up your climb. Never strike another Goddess down. We are life. Don’t take it for granted. Your seeds have been planted. Stay true to your desires. Stay loyal to yourself. Never back down from your…Read more

A Poetic Walk Down Memory Lane 

Sometimes in awkward places; and getting lost in thoughts of you.
Why I bother, I don’t know.
You’re not free, but I can feel your fondness towards me.
I wonder if you can feel my fondness towards you???
If I were pale skinned I could only imagine how many times
my cheeks would have blushed in certain moments of being around you.
I can’t always continue to look you in your eyes because the eyes don’t lie;
And I fear you’ll get a glimpse of the truth in mine.
Floetry playing in my ears.
Making my imagination
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Until Prince Charming Comes, Won't You Charm Me Son?! 

I am a lover that is for sure, with the strength of a fighter. I would be a liar if I said my heart wasn’t across seas hopefully, joyfully waiting for me, for some perfect time complementing the peace I increase within me. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t already feel like I know who it is, because I do, and if you are reading this then simply know that I love you.
But I must speak more truth when I say, when I say until that day meets up and the timing will be Divine. It could be 7 years down the road;…Read more

A Poem to My History 

For me it cannot just be one month of history,To tell his story and her story.
It is a lifetime of spiritual glory
It is a birthright to honour in joy.
How can I become anything BUT magnificent?
When the innocence and confidence was stripped away off the backs of…why black though???
When the hues that spew are so many rich browns, deep, yellows, oranges all the colours that give colour to our people.
This Universe
This truth dispersed.
I AM history.
I AM a risen Empress living the blessing…Read more

HIP-HOP For Breakfast 

There's just something about listening to hip-hop in the morning that in the most wonderful of ways, sets my soul ablaze , while I blaze . It's like being rocked into the day. I can't explain it, I just feel it. The realness.

I am a lover of Hip-Hop music. Mostly old school, but every now and then I get turned on to some new stuff that rocks my world. Lately its been indie artists from all over, including producers and singers. Just to name a few, here is my most recent discoveries: 7th Floor Productions, …

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One thing that I am constantly working on is letting go of the need to feel I have support of others in my life. The saying "Me, myself and I" is taken too lightly. You really are all you have in this world and once you can find peace inside yourself, the world outside of you will accommodate to how you imagine it. But first, you must go deep within and heal. My concept of support may be completely different from someone else's concept of being supportive; and for me to think that my way is the only way is…Read more


I used to be the woman who ranted about all the injustice in the world. I was always unknowingly angry. Always had something or someone to complain about. I wasn't happy. I didn't realize I wasn't happy, but I wasn't. Then one day in November 2013 a friend showed me the video The Secret; now I know what you're going to say "ya, ya the secret that big marketing LOA bs..blah, blah blah." I understand that mind set because several years prior to actually watching that film, another friend of mine had given me…Read more

Birthday Lessons and Lifetime Blessings 

This past year has been the best year of my life! I have evolved and broke down barriers of myself I was never even aware of. I am not the same woman I was a year ago. I don't even know if I could even use the term woman, a year ago. I am so ready for my future. I finally have a real focus and nothing or no one will steer me away from the greatness I intend for myself and for others. Only a very few understand and connect with this transformation and for that I am grateful. I feel blessed. I am blessed.

" I'm lifted.Gifted.
If you keep your eyes closed, you just might miss it.
This Misses.
  In bliss with her cherry sweet kisses."