Its Nice to Meet You

Se'lah (Say-La) Genesis is a Canadian Poet, singer, emcee, creator and curator, currently residing in Montreal, Quebec via Toronto, Ontario.

She coins her musical sound and style as Urban Universal.

It’s a mixture of hip-Hop, R&B, and freestyle with experimental sounds, drawing on a long list of musical influences from KRS ONE to Bjork. The list is long and varied.

“I am an Urban Universal artist. I do not like to categorize my genre to be truthful. But Urban Universal means I bring my core love of hip-hop and R&B and mix it with whatever I am feeling when I create. What comes out is dope and that’s all you need to know!

I’m an experience. A feeling. My style, my personality, my art, my music, is not a genre. It just is. Follow my journey and enjoy the colourful, thought provoking ride. Feel me”

In the past year, Se’lah has performed as a solo artist and has collaborated and curated with many Toronto artists; such as Max & Eyeda, SLWJMZ (Freddie Gibbs, Staasia Daniels, Everything O’Shaun), Lady Parul, Madette, Ciara Leah and Toronto filmmaker, John Du (featured in FHM magazine, Blog TO and the Toronto Star).

You may have caught her performances inside the Burdock, The Golden Stool, Afro-Fest, Jal Gua Organic Cafe, Tranzac Club, Harlem Restaurant, The Cadillac Lounge, The Local, Nuit Blanche and the Scarborough Multicultural Community Festival; and more recently in Montreal at MTL Plug, Bootlegger L’Authentique, Le Belmont (with Chocolate Jungle; curated by dancer and creator, Leah Waakeisha McFly).

In January 2017 she founded the Thrive Artist Collective, a networking hub engaging artistic entrepreneurial creators, with the largest focus being on music and creating live shows.

 “I want to connect amazing talent with other amazing talent, ” says Genesis. “Thrive Artist Collective is for the artist, by the artist. We put on kick ass shows and connect dope artists doing dope things.”

Expect her EP: Hip-Hop for Breakfast with producer SLWJMZ to be released this year!

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